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I understand that you have a debt situation. It's stressful, it can rob you of sleep. It puts your life and plans under a cloud. You may feel that there's not a good way out. We provide FREE debt counseling through American Debt Enders, and together we will solve your debt problem.

When you call or submit the form, you will connect to your NIFCE (National Institute for Financial Counseling) certified counselor from American Debt Enders. He will be your debt agent and will guide you all the way through the process. The consultations are free of charge for as long as you need. Your counselor is a caring expert with vast expertise and connections.

I must stress that ADE will not be lending you money or directly deal with your creditors. They work differently. ADE is affiliated with top specialists to handle every type of debt reduction, dispute, consolidation or legal need.

Your debt counselor - agent will enroll you in the perfect program and hold your hand all the way through.

If you have at least $5000 in unsecured debt and are an American citizen, you are eligible. Call toll-free 1-844-925-2127 during weekday business hours.

There is no cost or obligation for this important conversation. ADE's counselors have achieved 100% positive ratings on Netcheck and Birdeye with over 14 years of service to people just like you.

So if you are debating whether to call or apply, I would just say that there really is no down side. Your conversation with the ADE debt agent is free, as is every time you want to speak to him as you make progress. You may discover that a weight has been lifted, and solutions you may not have been aware of are suddenly on the table. I would recommend making the call or submitting the form. All the best!

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Debt Problems Don't Discriminate, Especially in Pandemics

My neighbor just lost his restaurant business because his landlord wouldn't cut him a break, and he had too much debt with no customers. He may have invested too much, or was overly optimistic, or simply blindsided by the scope of the pandemic shutdowns.

It doesn't matter.

You need and deserve your life back

I must disclose that I am not a debt counselor, but I am here to recommend one. I've had the experience of investing a lot of mine and other people's money in what seemed to be a sure thing, only to find myself in serious, stressful, debt. I was able to get out of it only by reaching out for help. I want the same for you, to connect you to someone who will be on your side, from the established and highly rated company, American Debt Enders.

When you contact your counselor, here's what you get:

Save Money with Debt Reduction

But if someone owes $10,000 to the credit card company, why would they ever be willing to compromise?

The answer is, there are a lot of reasons and a lot of ways available to professional debt counselors to take that $10,000 or that $100,000 debt and either reduce it, consolidate it, restructure it in ways that you will have a path forward. No matter what the circumstance, there are solutions.

I acknowledge that your debt counselor from ADE and the program he or she will arrange for you will not be free, but they will save you thousands of dollars and are only payable after your debt problem has been resolved. If you have the knowledge, you certainly can be your own negotiator. Otherwise, a guide to take you by the hand and open doors for you that you can't is the proper decision.

Take this chance to have a real conversation with an expert who is on your side, not the creditor's side.

You came to this website to solve your debt problem and get back on track with your dreams. When you fill in and submit the form below, or pick up the phone and call ADE, you'll set that solution in motion and feel that you are not alone anymore. You deserve all the credit for taking this step and reaching out to do this together with your personal counselor.

Call your counselor from ADE during business hours (M-F 9 AM - 6 PM) at 1-844-925-2127. Serious people don't wait and hope, they take action. You're in good company if you call.

Save money with ADE Debt Help"I appreciated the fact that he made me feel much better after going through every aspect of the program, and even if I had any questions, his personal number to contact him. He is definitely an asset to the company and grateful he is my counselor with this program." From Birdeye Reviews
Debt Relief Reviews from Trustpilot"Just got off the phone with a man named John called in nervous because I got a phone call threatening legal action and being 100% honest I wasn’t educated about how the process worked. He explained it perfectly so happy I called before giving out any information or signing a contract! " From Trustpilot
"Hi my name is Leticia and I just spoke to John. I have to THANK YOU for being a company that’s honest and not out to steal from you. Other Debt Relief Reviews from Trustpilotcompanies just want to get you in more debt. Mr. John, God Bless him! Just gave me the best advise and didn’t cost me a cent. If you are worried about your debt, please call this company, you won’t regret it. Thank you!" From Trustpilot
Review of Debt Enders from Consumer Advocate"This is a great company! The people are very competent, caring, and trustworthy. I have been their client for about a year. My life changed for better since I begun receiving their services. I now can see the end of the debt nightmare." From ConsumersAdvocate
Review of Debt Enders from Consumer Advocate"Started with another company. Took about 2 days to figure out they were not going to help me. Called Debtenders & Spoke with Steve & was given an entire explanation of what they, & they do it! Speak to my assigned attorney who keeps me apprised of what is happening. He keeps me apprised of current actions & I feel comfortable with the Entire Compny. I no longer lay awake at night wondering what I can do. Thank You Debtenders, Thank You, Steve." From ConsumersAdvocate