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This company will not rest until they have helped you, not themselves. I've done my research, and wholeheartedly suggest you join them. They will go beyond the call of duty for you. You can call them at any time, 24 hours.

Before you sign up, you get a free consultation that is not just a nice sales call or conversation. You will get a free detailed Action Plan which you can use to do it yourself, or will be the basis of the work that Credit Firm will do for you. They then have a lawyer go over all of your stuff before they send it out.

Then they go to work getting any and all negative items they can removed from your credit report. You can call 1-866-985-0787 now.

It Was the Bad Review that Convinced Me

Improve Credit Report and Score

I carefully checked many credit repair companies' reviews and services before making my recommendation to you, and Credit Firm showed me the meaning of commitment in an amazing way. An unsatisfied customer on TrustPilot wrote a very negative review. Here is what they responded.

This is why, after your wife's initial complaint to us on 2/16/2019, we let you know that we were suspending all future charges for both yourself and your wife (who's credit scores increased 66 points on her Equifax report and increased 56 points on her TransUnion report) and we decided to continue working for free until we had some more positive results and you were completely satisfied.

Wow. They succeeded in raising her credit score by 61 points average free of charge. It's commitment like that that makes me urge you to hire Credit Firm right away to fight for your credit score.

How Is This Free Consultation Different from All Others?

Isn't every free consultation just a sales pitch? Doesn't the company offering it only do it to get your business? And won't it be high-pressure?

Generally, that is true. Credit Firm is certainly interested in your business, and they want you to know about their service. But they actually do something unique and especially helpful to you. What is it?

A free, detailed, usable Action Plan. They go over all the steps you can take to clean up your credit report and boost your credit score. In theory, you could then go and do it yourself, but unless you have legal knowledge, that might not be the best idea.

What Happened When the Hairstylist Did Brain Surgery?

The undertaker got more business. Even if the hairstylist is not Sweeney Todd, he or she is not the right person to be chopping away at the gray matter. Pardon the graphic example.

But having someone who has a "general idea" about credit repair take on this critically important job for you is like having the hairstylist, who knows his way around a person's head, try his hand at brain surgery.

When a licensed attorney looks at a credit report, they immediately know what items they can remove and exactly how to do it. And when a lawyer, or a firm of lawyers, is challenging each derogatory line on your credit report, the reporting company will take that very seriously.

Have a professional legal company represent you in this important job. 866-985-0787.

What Happened When a Credit Expert Hired This Company?

A guy named Dennis had a credit problem, which he was qualified to solve by himself. He knew how to do it, had done it before, but a new job kept him so busy that he just didn't have the time.

So he looked around and signed on with Lexington for $100 a month. It was a disappointment. Instead of them giving him peace of mind, they gave him work to do. That kind of defeated the whole purpose of hiring a company to boost his credit score for him.

So he gave Credit Firm a shot at it, for $50 a month, half the price of Lexington. Their excellent customer service, attention to the details of his specific case, and the fact that they did it all for him made him thrilled with his choice. "They did all of the work for me.. 5 months later I'm done and my score is over 700."

Grab This Chance to Get Your Credit Boosted

Bad credit can stop you from getting approved for lots of things you want and need, including mortgages, car financing, jobs and insurance. Don't leave this alone, get the great solutions that Credit Firm will employ on your behalf. Listen, I know that a bad credit score is an embarrassing thing. It takes a bit of guts to share that with a stranger, so I salute you for taking action and speaking with Credit Firm anyway. You're great, and this is going to work out beautifully.

You can call right now, 1-866-985-0787, and get this taken care of.
It's silly, people, to take your time. Serious people take action right away.

Credit boosting with a free Action Plan when you call 866-985-0787.

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