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If you're just paying minimums, you're just giving your money away to credit companies. In the thousands of dollars.

At minimums, with an active card, you may never stop paying them.

And nearly half of credit users do this insane thing! Even more than that have paid late fees! Pure gifts to a credit company. Sheesh.

Only a select few will actually take action to fix it.

  • If you have $10 K or more in unsecured debt
  • AND can afford at least $250 in monthly payments
  • AND are a US citizen in a state where CuraDebt functions*

You MAY be eligible for CuraDebt settlement program. They regularly save people lots of money and reliably get them debt-free.

That's the action you need to take. You need to click the button, fill out the form, and talk to CuraDebt. There is no excuse for procrastinating, not even embarrassment. The only person you need to talk it over with is the CuraDebt counselor.

They will nonjudgmentally help people who are serious about getting debt-free.

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*People who live in the following states are ineligible: CT, DE, GA, HI, ID, KS, KY, LA, ME, MT, ND, NH, NJ, NV, OH, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, TN, UT, VT, WV and WY.

Or call 866-951-2987 between 9 AM and 8 PM EST.

My accounts are current, but my hours at work were recently cut. I was barely able to make the minimum payments before. Now it will be impossible. I was glad I was able to speak with My CuraDebt Counselor, and create a plan that will pay off my debt in a reasonable amount of time, instead of paying minimum payments for 20 years.

Incredibly relieved! Cheri G. - Brookfield, MN, From Shopper Approved

Get financial coaching to deal with debt

..this is my fourth attempt to settle my debt. The first debt settlement company gave me bad advice, and I followed it. Now I have a debtor listing me as a charge off on my credit report, even though they are paid to date and I am making payments.

The second debt settlement company made me feel very nervous and doubtful as their negotiators were rude and overly aggressive. The third debt settlement company paid themselves before my debt which is why I called Curadet, and J Miller was my representative.

He did the math, offered a debt plan and payment that was manageable. He actually helped me out when debt settlement company three tried to say I owed them negotiation fees for debt that had not even been settled. I have had a few hiccups since joining in June (2020), but Julio M and Mario have been so helpful in modifying payments to meet my life changes and challenges.

Free debt consultation

Curadet has a team of professionals who have given me solid advice, great resource material, and hope. I look forward to better days for me and my family. All of this was possible because of J Miller, and I am forever grateful.

D M., Viginia Beach, VA, on Customer Lobby

After speaking with Deborah she managed to situate everything so that Curadebt will take me on and I can pay off my loans in the next 5-6 years versus 50 years. I cannot express my gratitude because this is life-changing for me.

Jennifer S., Boston, MA, on Customer Lobby

At first I didn't understand the program, but once it worked it created results to help my debt get under control. Everyone wins. It's a good feeling to know that there are programs to help people have options to build up there scores for future goals without bankruptcy. This helps people with small pools of money to get back on their feet, and they also offer credit score repair.

Carla A., Virginia, on Shopper Approved

A New Debt Solution that
Boosts Your Credit as Well

A professional debt counselor will stop collection calls

If you, like me, haven't won the lottery (yet!), you feel frustrated that when you want to purchase something, you need to calculate how much money will be left in your account to cover the credit cards at the end of the month. You're working hard, but the income just isn't there these days. It feels like you're in a trap you can't escape from.

You feel that if you could just have a brand-new start, if those balances would sink to zero, you'll be debt free, liberated, and you'll never go there again. So you begin to seek out financial coaching or other solutions to your debt.

The Unseen Financial Dangers of Squeaking By

When you make the monthly minimums and the balance doesn't go down, you know you're falling into the credit card company trap. They get you by allowing you to pay minimums that only cover the interest. Over the course of a few years you have probably paid your debt back a few times, and yet that crazy balance is still there.

The numbers just don't seem to work. But would you be interested in a solution that lets you break free from this stress and start a new financial life? There is a program I recommend that cannot only get you out of debt quickly, but save you lots of money by reducing it dramatically (on average 55%-82%).

Let me say at the start that inaction is among the worst things you can "do." Even if you don't go into collections and endanger your financial and employment future, there is a lot of economic and emotional harm that can result from taking no action.

How Becoming Debt-Free Can Be Faster and Save You More Money Than You Imagined

This site, a member of the Getitdone network, is here to connect you to a powerful service that can free you from debt in the fastest way possible. The company is called CuraDebt, and they specialize in Debt Settlement.

What they do for you is utilize the power of law and effective negotiation to dramatically reduce your debt. They will also simplify the payment process for you in a way that protects your credit score. This is by far the best way to save money and become debt free.

But they can explain it better than I, and each case, including yours, has unique features that an expert must evaluate. By filling out the quick form, you can have a free consultation with a CuraDebt professional who will craft an action plan with you.

Why Is CuraDebt the Best Way to Become Debt Free?

Because they don't treat the symptom, they treat the cause.

CuraDebt is one of the oldest and most respected debt settlement companies. They been around for 20 years, and have an overwhelming positive reputation on many review sites. The people who work for CuraDebt are consummate professionals. Their broad knowledge of law and the way credit companies operate will be at your service, to get you debt free in the shortest time possible. They have saved their clients between 55% and 82% of the debt balances.

Traditional debt management programs do have a place, but there are some dangers. The debt management program may charge a monthly fee which, combined with the interest rate on the debt, may not save you significant money. And since a debt management company pays your debts for you, your credit score can take a hit. The credit reporting companies see that you are not paying your own debts.

CuraDebt tackles the problem at its source. By legally verifying every collectible debt and then negotiating significant reductions to them, they can save you surprisingly large amounts of money. Some collectors violate the law in their collection efforts, and CuraDebt will find those cases and nullify those debts. And since you are paying the debts back yourself, through the agency of CuraDebt, your credit score is not harmed.

Avoid These Mistakes in Trying to Solve Your Debt

Continuing to squeak by at monthly minimums with no end in sight is not an option. And debt creates worry and stress. Don't let fear of reaching out to someone keep you locked in an unhealthy economic and psychological situation. To stop collection calls is a noble goal.

How Is Debt Settlement Safer Than Management or Consolidation?

Some actions, while they seem to be viable, have dangers of their own. A few examples:

Consolidation loans often are secured. To get interest rates that make a consolidation loan worthwhile, you must put up collateral. That means that, if some problem comes up, your home or car might be in danger.

For many, these solutions do work and can save you money, but not anywhere close to what you can save through CuraDebt Settlement.

Their name is CuraDebt, not Treat-a-Debt.

But Is It Ethical to Not Pay Everything That You Owe?

Of course it isn't. No responsible debt settlement company, certainly not CuraDebt, would advise you to run out the clock and stop paying legitimate debts. CuraDebt, as a member in good standing of multiple Better Business Bureau's and consumer watchdog groups, is above and beyond.

Every reduction in your debt owed is done either by mutual agreement or by legal requirement. CuraDebt will ensure that you pay your debt, at the same time that they agree with your creditors to reduce the balance that you owe. You are paying your debt, only your debt is much lower. That shortens the path to debt freedom dramatically!

How Does CuraDebt Earn Their Money?

Once CuraDebt has negotiated a debt reduction settlement for you, you can either choose to approve it or reject it. Once you like what they have, you will then pay them a percentage of the debt for their services. Considering the fact that CuraDebt has helped people reduce debts by very high percentages – between 55% and 82% based on published settlement letters – you will save tremendous amounts of money even with their fee.

And If You Don't Like the Negotiated Offer?

This is very important. Whatever arrangements they negotiate with your creditors must be to your liking. You must approve the agreement, or they will continue negotiating. And you only pay their fee when you agree and approve the debt settlement that they have negotiated on your behalf. Until they make a satisfactory offer, you are under no obligation to pay them anything. This makes it a win-win for you.

Fill in a Quick Form Now and Have the Conversation That Can Change Your Financial Life

The best way to tackle your future debt-free starts with a simple action. Just fill out the form accessible through this link, and provide a phone number that you will answer. CuraDebt validates phone numbers with a Robo call, and then a debt counselor will contact you via your verified number for a completely free exploration and explanation. You can also call 866-951-2987 between 9 AM and 8 PM EST.

If you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt and can afford just $250 in monthly payments, CuraDebt can probably get you free from debt faster and more economically than anyone else.

The Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Have This Phone Call

They would prefer you continue to make minimum payments. They would prefer that you pay your debt multiple times, with no end in sight.

And the credit score hit that being in such debt brings will obviously make finding financing for any big dreams and projects you may have much more difficult.

Will You Have a Lot of Bills Each Month?

Nope, just ONE. CuraDebt will set up a special account for you, and they will handle transferring the money to the creditors in the agreed amounts and on the agreed schedule. Your responsibility is to keep the funds in the account sufficient. In this way, you don't have to worry about missing a payment to this or that creditor, since CuraDebt makes sure that each payment is made.

But Are You Eligible for This?

CuraDebt does not handle secured loans. They specialize in credit card debt, medical debt and other unsecured loans.

You Can Do This Right Now and Break Through to a Debt Free Life Sooner Than You Think

Take a few minutes and talk to CuraDebt. I would be surprised if they didn't have an eye-opening and exciting program for you. I really hope you can become debt-free soon and enjoy that new lifestyle. Just fill in their short form, respond to the Robocall number verification and start your liberation

I believe this is far and away the best way for you to break out of debt and get a new start.

It takes just a few minutes to apply online, and you will get a free telephone conversation with an expert who will plan with you. You are a hero. You have found the courage to confront this problem head on, finally moving forward and restoring hope and positive growth.You're creating a brand new financial life and future.

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Or call 866-951-2987 between 9 AM and 8 PM EST.